'21.09.2020 09:54:07'

AI could expand healing with bioscaffolds

Artificial intelligence can speed the development of 3D-printed bioscaffolds that help injuries heal, according to researchers.

'21.09.2020 05:15:32'

A computer predicts your thoughts, creating images based on them

Researchers have developed a technique in which a computer models visual perception by monitoring human brain signals. In a way, it is as if the computer tries to imagine what a human is thinking about. As a result of this imagining, the computer ...

'18.09.2020 08:22:07'

New design principles for spin-based quantum materials

A new design criteria for enhancing the spin lifetime of a class of quantum materials could support Internet of Things devices and other resource-intensive technologies.

'16.09.2020 11:48:52'

World's smallest ultrasound detector created

Researchers have developed the world's smallest ultrasound detector. It is based on miniaturized photonic circuits on top of a silicon chip. With a size 100 times smaller than an average human hair, the new detector can visualize features that are...

'16.09.2020 09:11:03'

New data processing module makes deep neural networks smarter

Artificial intelligence researchers have improved the performance of deep neural networks by combining feature normalization and feature attention modules into a single module that they call attentive normalization. The hybrid module improves the ...

'16.09.2020 07:36:01'

Security software for autonomous vehicles

Before autonomous vehicles participate in road traffic, they must demonstrate conclusively that they do not pose a danger to others. New software prevents accidents by predicting different variants of a traffic situation every millisecond.

'16.09.2020 07:34:14'

Engineers improve signal processing for small fiber optic cables

Tiny circuits can go the distance. Researchers have mapped a noise-reducing magneto-optical response that occurs in fiber-optic communications, opening the door for new materials technologies.

'15.09.2020 06:59:38'

Artificial intelligence and machine learning could enhance scientific peer review, researchers say

Artificial intelligence and machine learning could enhance scientific peer review as scientists rush to publish COVID-related research, according to experts.

'14.09.2020 07:21:53'

Light processing improves robotic sensing, study finds

A team of researchers uncovered how the human brain processes bright and contrasting light, which they say is a key to improving robotic sensing and enabling autonomous agents to team with humans.

'10.09.2020 13:18:26'

New machine learning-assisted method rapidly classifies quantum sources

Engineers have created a new machine learning-assisted method that could make quantum photonic circuit development more efficient by rapidly pre-selecting these solid-state quantum emitters.

'10.09.2020 13:18:22'

Quirky response to magnetism presents quantum physics mystery

Scientists describe the quirky behavior of one such magnetic topological insulator. The new article includes experimental evidence that intrinsic magnetism in the bulk of manganese bismuth telluride (MnBi2Te4) also extends to the electrons on its ...

'10.09.2020 09:04:18'

Evidence of power: Phasing quantum annealers into experiments from nonequilibrium physics

Scientists have used commercially available quantum annealers, a type of quantum computer, to experimentally probe the validity of an important mechanism from nonequilibrium physics in open quantum systems. The results not only shed light into the...

'10.09.2020 07:08:59'

Detailed picture of US bachelor's programs in computing

With the aim of providing a comprehensive look at computing education, the study includes information on enrollments, degree completions, faculty demographics, and faculty salaries.

'9.09.2020 10:03:14'

Designed antiviral proteins inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in the lab

Computer-designed miniproteins have now been shown to protect lab-grown human cells from SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The lead antiviral candidate rivals the best-known SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibodies in its protective action...

'9.09.2020 07:48:54'

Artificial intelligence aids gene activation discovery

Scientists have long known that human genes are activated through instructions delivered by the precise order of our DNA. With the aid of artificial intelligence, researchers have solved a long-standing DNA activation code mystery. Their discovery...

'9.09.2020 07:48:29'

New method prevents quantum computers from crashing

Quantum information is fragile, which is why quantum computers must be able to correct errors. But what if whole qubits are lost? Researchers are now presenting a method that allows quantum computers to keep going even if they lose some qubits alo...

'9.09.2020 06:02:28'

Tool transforms world landmark photos into 4D experiences

Using publicly available tourist photos of world landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome or Top of the Rock in New York City, researchers have developed a method to create maneuverable 3D images that show changes in appearance over time.

'8.09.2020 09:10:44'

Model shows that the speed neurons fire impacts their ability to synchronize

Research has shown for the first time that a computer model can replicate and explain a unique property displayed by a crucial brain cell. Their findings shed light on how groups of neurons can self-organize by synchronizing when they fire fast.

'8.09.2020 06:16:34'

Extracting order from a quantum measurement finally shown experimentally

In physics, it is essential to be able to show a theoretical assumption in actual, physical experiments. For more than a hundred years, physicists have been aware of the link between the concepts of disorder in a system, and information obtained b...

'3.09.2020 13:14:45'

Battery-free Game Boy runs forever

Researchers develop first-ever battery-free, energy-harvesting, interactive device. And it looks and feels like a retro 8-bit Nintendo Game Boy.

'2.09.2020 11:21:50'

Heavy electronic media use in late childhood linked to lower academic performance

A new study of 8- to 11-year olds reveals an association between heavy television use and poorer reading performance, as well as between heavy computer use and poorer numeracy--the ability to work with numbers.

'2.09.2020 07:43:58'

Predictive placentas: Using artificial intelligence to protect mothers' future pregnancies

New technology can decrease healthcare costs, allowing a majority of mothers and infants to have access to a microscopic placenta examination, according to a new report.

'2.09.2020 05:51:30'

A molecular approach to quantum computing

Molecules in quantum superposition could help in the development of quantum computers.

'1.09.2020 07:22:12'

Managing data flow boosts cyber-physical system performance

Researchers have developed a suite of algorithms to improve the performance of cyber-physical systems - from autonomous vehicles to smart power grids - by balancing each component's need for data with how fast that data can be sent and received.

'31.08.2020 07:23:19'

New theory hints at more efficient way to develop quantum algorithms

A new theory could bring a way to make quantum algorithm development less of an accidental process, say scientists.

'31.08.2020 05:01:27'

Intelligent software tackles plant cell jigsaw puzzle

Scientists have developed a machine learning-based algorithm to study the morphogenesis of plants at a cellular level. So far it was impossible to solve this evolving and changing puzzle.

'27.08.2020 11:09:57'

Brain-inspired electronic system could vastly reduce AI's carbon footprint

Extremely energy-efficient artificial intelligence is now closer to reality after researchers found a way to improve the accuracy of a brain-inspired computing system.

'27.08.2020 06:59:37'

How to make AI trustworthy

One of the biggest impediments to adoption of new technologies is trust in artificial intelligence (AI). Now, a new tool generates automatic indicators if data and predictions generated by AI algorithms are trustworthy.

'27.08.2020 06:21:46'

Photonics researchers report breakthrough in miniaturizing light-based chips

Electrical engineers have created the smallest electro-optical modulator yet, using a thin film of lithium niobate bonded on a silicon dioxide layer. This key component of a photonics-based chip controls how light moves through its circuits and ha...

'26.08.2020 13:56:41'

Thermodynamics of computation: A quest to find the cost of running a Turing machine

Turing machines are widely believed to be universal, in the sense that any computation done by any system can also be done by a Turing machine. In a new article, researchers present their work exploring the energetic costs of computation within th...

'26.08.2020 10:09:09'

New neural network differentiates Middle and Late Stone Age toolkits

The change from Middle Stone Age (MSA) to Later Stone Age (LSA) marks a major cultural change amongst our hunter-gatherer ancestors, but distinguishing between these two industrial complexes is not straightforward. New researc demonstrates how mac...

'26.08.2020 07:37:16'

Cosmic rays may soon stymie quantum computing

Infinitesimally low levels of radiation, such as from incoming cosmic rays, may soon stymie progress in quantum computing.

'25.08.2020 12:52:00'

Revised code could help improve efficiency of fusion experiments

Researchers have upgraded a key computer code for calculating forces acting on magnetically confined plasma in fusion energy experiments. The upgrade will help scientists further improve the design of breakfast-cruller-shaped facilities known as s...

'25.08.2020 07:06:38'

Deep learning algorithm to speed up materials discovery in emerging tech industries

Solid-state inorganic materials are critical to the growth and development of electric vehicle, cellphone, laptop battery and solar energy technologies. However, finding the ideal materials with the desired functions for these industries is extrem...

'25.08.2020 07:06:10'

Fifty new planets confirmed in machine learning first

Fifty potential planets have had their existence confirmed by a new machine learning algorithm.

'24.08.2020 10:44:10'

Contagion model predicts flooding in urban areas

Inspired by the same modeling and mathematical laws used to predict the spread of pandemics, researchers have created a model to accurately forecast the spread and recession process of floodwaters in urban road networks. With this new approach, re...

'24.08.2020 06:59:07'

Predicting computational power of early quantum computers

Quantum physicists have developed an algorithm which helps early quantum computers to perform calculations most efficiently.

'23.08.2020 16:15:22'

Electronic alert reduces excessive prescribing of short-acting asthma relievers

An automatic, electronic alert on general practitioners' computer screens can help to prevent excessive prescribing of short-acting asthma reliever medication, according to new research.

'19.08.2020 13:02:29'

A how-to guide for teaching GIS courses online with hardware or software in the cloud

Geographers offer first-hand accounts of what is required for GIS instructors and IT administrators to set up virtual computing specifically for providing state-of-the-art geographic information systems (GIS) instruction.

'19.08.2020 08:07:00'

Deep learning will help future Mars rovers go farther, faster, and do more science

NASA JPL are developing autonomous capabilities that could allow future Mars rovers to go farther, faster and do more science. Training machine learning models on the Maverick2, their team developed and optimized models for Drive-By Science and En...

'18.08.2020 07:49:47'

New tool improves fairness of online search rankings

Researchers introduce a tool they've developed to improve the fairness of online rankings without sacrificing their usefulness or relevance.

'17.08.2020 08:30:34'

Graph theory: Solution to '3 utilities problem' could lead to better computers

Researchers thought that they were five years away from solving a math riddle from the 1980's. In reality, and without knowing, they had nearly cracked the problem and had just given away much of the solution in a research article. The solution co...

'17.08.2020 06:43:19'

Bio-based communication networks could control cells in the body to treat conditions

Electronic devices and biological cells communicate through very different mechanisms. Now, scientists report progress on tiny communication networks that overcome this language barrier, allowing electronics to eavesdrop on cells and alter their b...

'17.08.2020 06:42:55'

To perceive faces, your brain relies on a process similar to face recognition systems

Imagine if every time you looked at a face, one side of the face always appeared distorted as if it were melting, resembling a painting by Salvador Dalí. This is the case for people with hemi-prosopometamophosia (hemi-PMO). A new study finds that ...

'17.08.2020 06:42:47'

Future mental health care may include diagnosis via brain scan and computer algorithm

Most of modern medicine has physical tests or objective techniques to define much of what ails us. Yet, there is currently no blood or genetic test, or impartial procedure that can definitively diagnose a mental illness, and certainly none to dist...

'14.08.2020 12:33:32'

Mathematical tool helps calculate properties of quantum materials more quickly

Many quantum materials have been nearly impossible to simulate mathematically because the computing time required is too long. Now engineers have demonstrated a way to considerably reduce the computing time. This could accelerate the development o...

'14.08.2020 12:33:11'

Computer scientists set benchmarks to optimize quantum computer performance

Computer scientists have shown that existing compilers, which tell quantum computers how to use their circuits to execute quantum programs, inhibit the computers' ability to achieve optimal performance. Specifically, their research has revealed th...

'13.08.2020 09:12:55'

Task force examines role of mobile health technology in COVID-19 pandemic

An international task force concludes in new research that mobile health (mHealth) technologies are a viable option to monitor COVID-19 patients at home and predict which ones will need medical intervention.

'12.08.2020 10:40:17'

Quantum researchers create an error-correcting cat

Physicists have developed an error-correcting cat -- a new device that combines the Schrödinger's cat concept of superposition (a physical system existing in two states at once) with the ability to fix some of the trickiest errors in a quantum com...

'12.08.2020 10:40:12'

Engaging undergrads remotely with an escape room game

Researchers describe an alternative way to engage students: a virtual game, modeled on an escape room, in which teams solve chemistry problems to progress and 'escape.'

'12.08.2020 07:53:10'

Quantum materials quest could benefit from graphene that buckles

Graphene buckles when cooled while attached to a flat surface, resulting in pucker patterns that could benefit the search for novel quantum materials and superconductors, according to new research.

'11.08.2020 16:45:23'

What violin synchronization can teach us about better networking in complex times

A new study suggests by using a model of violin synchronization in a network of violin players, there are ways to drown out distractions and miscommunications that could be used as a model for human networks in society.

'11.08.2020 10:29:13'

Machine learning can predict market behavior

Machine learning can assess the effectiveness of mathematical tools used to predict the movements of financial markets, according to new research based on the largest dataset ever used in this area.

'11.08.2020 08:02:05'

Digital content on track to equal half 'Earth's mass' by 2245

As we use resources to power massive computer farms and process digital information, our technological progress is redistributing Earth's matter from physical atoms to digital information. Eventually, we will reach a point of full saturation, a pe...

'10.08.2020 12:40:12'

Electronic components join forces to take up 10 times less space on computer chips

Electronic filters are essential to the inner workings of our phones and other wireless devices. They eliminate or enhance specific input signals to achieve the desired output signals. They are essential, but take up space on the chips that resear...

'10.08.2020 06:32:35'

Grasshopper jumping on Bloch sphere finds new quantum insights

New research has (pardon the pun) put a new spin on a mathematical analogy involving a jumping grasshopper and its ideal lawn shape. This work could help us understand the spin states of quantum-entangled particles.

'7.08.2020 09:19:22'

Materials science researchers develop first electrically injected laser

Materials science researchers have demonstrated the first electrically injected laser made with germanium tin. Used as a semiconducting material for circuits on electronic devices, the diode laser could improve micro-processing speed and efficienc...

'5.08.2020 14:17:46'

Smartphones prove to be time-saving analytical tools

Scientists use a smartphone camera to easily measure soil density -- a key metric for analyzing our soils.

'5.08.2020 05:18:49'

Break it down: A new way to address common computing problem

A new algorithm provides a framework for solving complex linear inverse problems that doesn't require a supercomputer and also enhances security and privacy.

'5.08.2020 05:18:47'

How thoughts could one day control electronic prostheses, wirelessly

The current generation of neural implants record enormous amounts of neural activity, then transmit these brain signals through wires to a computer. But, so far, when researchers have tried to create wireless brain-computer interfaces to do this, ...