'25.09.2023 11:38:07'

New qubit circuit enables quantum operations with higher accuracy

Researchers have developed a novel superconducting qubit architecture that can perform operations between qubits with much higher accuracy than scientists have yet been able to achieve. This architecture, which utilizes a relatively new type of su...

'25.09.2023 08:47:56'

Drug discovery on an unprecedented scale

Boosting virtual screening with machine learning allowed for a 10-fold time reduction in the processing of 1.56 billion drug-like molecules. Researchers teamed up with industry and supercomputers to carry out one of the world's largest virtual dru...

'22.09.2023 07:07:55'

Efficient training for artificial intelligence

New physics-based self-learning machines could replace the current artificial neural networks and save energy.

'21.09.2023 06:56:58'

Scientists successfully maneuver robot through living lung tissue

Scientists have shown that their steerable lung robot can autonomously maneuver the intricacies of the lung, while avoiding important lung structures.

'20.09.2023 11:23:35'

'Garbatrage' spins e-waste into prototyping gold

Building on work in human-computer interaction that aims to incorporate sustainability and reuse into the field, researchers introduce 'garbatrage,' a framework for prototype builders centered around repurposing underused devices.

'20.09.2023 07:12:15'

Let it flow: Recreating water flow for virtual reality

A research team has harnessed the power of deep reinforcement learning to replicate the flow of water when disturbed. The replication allowed for recreating water flow in real time based on only a small amount of data, opening up the possibility f...

'20.09.2023 07:11:52'

Cloud services without servers: What's behind it

A new generation of cloud services is on the rise. It is based on the paradigm of 'serverless computing'. A recent article deals with the history, status and potential of serverless computing.

'19.09.2023 11:49:15'

Combustion powers bug-sized robots to leap, lift and race

Researchers combined soft microactuators with high-energy-density chemical fuel to create an insect-scale quadrupedal robot that is powered by combustion and can outrace, outlift, outflex and outleap its electric-driven competitors.

'19.09.2023 11:48:51'

Engineers grow full wafers of high-performing 2D semiconductor that integrates with state-of-the-art chips

Researchers have grown a high-performing 2D semiconductor to a full-size, industrial-scale wafer. In addition, the semiconductor material, indium selenide (InSe), can be deposited at temperatures low enough to integrate with a silicon chip.

'19.09.2023 11:48:37'

Scientists develop method to detect deadly infectious diseases

Researchers have developed a way of detecting the early onset of deadly infectious diseases using a test so ultrasensitive that it could someday revolutionize medical approaches to epidemics. The test is an electronic sensor contained within a com...

'14.09.2023 13:51:28'

AI-driven tool makes it easy to personalize 3D-printable models

With Style2Fab, makers can rapidly customize models of 3D-printable objects, such as assistive devices, without hampering their functionality.

'14.09.2023 06:33:32'

Evolution wired human brains to act like supercomputers

Scientists have confirmed that human brains are naturally wired to perform advanced calculations, much like a high-powered computer, to make sense of the world through a process known as Bayesian inference.

'13.09.2023 12:17:33'

Battery-free robots use origami to change shape in mid-air

Researchers have developed small robotic devices that can change how they move through the air by 'snapping' into a folded position during their descent. Each device has an onboard battery-free actuator, a solar power-harvesting circuit and contro...

'13.09.2023 08:28:05'

AI foundation model for eye care to supercharge global efforts to prevent blindness

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that has the potential to not only identify sight-threatening eye diseases but also predict general health, including heart attacks, stroke, and Parkinson's disease.

'11.09.2023 12:58:38'

Not too big: Machine learning tames huge data sets

A machine-learning algorithm demonstrated the capability to process data that exceeds a computer's available memory by identifying a massive data set's key features and dividing them into manageable batches that don't choke computer hardware. The ...

'11.09.2023 10:10:20'

Magnetic whirls pave the way for energy-efficient computing

Researchers have been able to increase the diffusion of magnetic whirls, so called skyrmions, by a factor of ten.

'11.09.2023 10:10:09'

AI can help write a message to a friend -- but don't do it

Using artificial intelligence applications to help craft a message to a friend is not a good idea -- at least if your friend finds out about the use of AI, a new study suggests.

'8.09.2023 10:19:59'

'Brainless' robot can navigate complex obstacles

Researchers who created a soft robot that could navigate simple mazes without human or computer direction have now built on that work, creating a 'brainless' soft robot that can navigate more complex and dynamic environments.

'8.09.2023 09:00:12'

What do neurons, fireflies and dancing the Nutbush have in common?

Synchronicity is all around us, but it is poorly understood. Computer scientists have now developed new tools to understand how human and natural networks fall in and out of sync.

'7.09.2023 09:03:56'

Online AI-based test for Parkinson's disease severity shows promising results

A new artificial intelligence tool can help people with Parkinson's disease remotely assess the severity of their symptoms within minutes. While expert neurologists performed slightly better than the AI model, the AI model outperformed the primary...

'5.09.2023 11:57:09'

Researchers use AI to find new magnetic materials without critical elements

A team of scientists developed a new machine learning model for discovering critical-element-free permanent magnet materials based on the predicted Curie temperature of new material combinations.

'4.09.2023 06:46:23'

Better cybersecurity with new material

Digital information exchange can be safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly with the help of a new type of random number generator for encryption. The researchers behind the study believe that the new technology paves the way for a new ty...

'31.08.2023 10:28:50'

A system to keep cloud-based gamers in sync

A new technique can synchronize media streams from different networks to multiple devices with less than 10 milliseconds of delay. The technique was demonstrated on cloud gaming, but could also be applied in AR/VR applications.

'31.08.2023 08:18:04'

New AI technology gives robot recognition skills a big lift

The day when robots can cook dinner, clear the kitchen table and empty the dishwasher is still a long way off. First, robots need to be able to recognize the many items of different sizes, shapes and brands in our homes. A team has now made a sign...

'31.08.2023 08:17:07'

Breathe! The shape-shifting ball that supports mental health

A soft ball designed to support mental health by 'personifying' breath has been invented by a computer science student.

'31.08.2023 08:16:29'

Analog and digital: The best of both worlds in one energy-efficient system

We live in an analog world of continuous information flow that is both processed and stored by our brains at the same time, but our devices process information digitally in the form of discrete binary code, breaking the information into little bit...

'29.08.2023 09:00:09'

Sensors harnessing light give hope in rehabilitation

A research team overcomes limitations of conventional strain sensors using computer vision integrated optical sensors.

'28.08.2023 12:24:04'

Computer scientists use AI to accelerate computing speed by thousands of times

A team of computer scientists recently unveiled a prize-winning Python profiler called Scalene. Programs written with Python are notoriously slow -- up to 60,000 times slower than code written in other programming languages -- and Scalene works to...

'28.08.2023 12:23:37'

Quantum computer unveils atomic dynamics of light-sensitive molecules

Researchers have implemented a quantum-based method to observe a quantum effect in the way light-absorbing molecules interact with incoming photons. Known as a conical intersection, the effect puts limitations on the paths molecules can take to ch...

'28.08.2023 09:03:47'

Brain signals transformed into speech through implants and AI

Researchers have succeeded in transforming brain signals into audible speech. By decoding signals from the brain through a combination of implants and AI, they were able to predict the words people wanted to say with an accuracy of 92 to 100%.

'25.08.2023 08:20:24'

Pros and cons of ChatGPT plugin, Code Interpreter, in education, biology, health

Researchers see potential in educational settings for the newest official ChatGPT plugin, called Code Interpreter, they've found limitations for its use by scientists who work with biological data utilizing computational methods to prioritize targ...

'24.08.2023 11:07:44'

AI helps robots manipulate objects with their whole bodies

A new AI technique enables a robot to develop complex plans for manipulating an object using its entire hand, not just fingertips. This model can generate effective plans in about a minute using a standard laptop.

'24.08.2023 07:18:42'

DNA chips as storage media of the future: What challenges need to be overcome

In the form of DNA, nature shows how data can be stored in a space-saving and long-term manner. Bioinformatics specialists are developing DNA chips for computer technology. Researchers show how a combination of molecular biology, nanotechnology, n...

'23.08.2023 08:26:00'

Sci­en­tists develop fermionic quan­tum pro­ces­sor

Researchers have designed a new type of quantum computer that uses fermionic atoms to simulate complex physical systems. The processor uses programmable neutral atom arrays and is capable of simulating fermionic models in a hardware-efficient mann...

'23.08.2023 08:25:30'

How artificial intelligence gave a paralyzed woman her voice back

Researchers have developed a brain-computer interface (BCI) that has enabled a woman with severe paralysis from a brainstem stroke to speak through a digital avatar.

'22.08.2023 07:16:43'

Deciphering the molecular dynamics of complex proteins

Which structures do complex proteins adopt in solution? Biophysicists answer this question using the example of ubiquitin dimers as well as a new combination of high-resolution NMR spectroscopy and sophisticated computer simulations.

'22.08.2023 07:16:34'

Sharing chemical knowledge between human and machine

Researchers have developed a platform that uses artificial neural networks to translate chemical structural formulae into machine-readable form. With this platform, they have created a tool with which this information from scientific publications ...

'17.08.2023 12:39:33'

Quantum physicists simulate super diffusion on a quantum computer

Quantum physicists have successfully simulated super diffusion in a system of interacting quantum particles on a quantum computer. This is the first step in doing highly challenging quantum transport calculations on quantum hardware and, as the ha...

'16.08.2023 07:41:42'

Magnonic computing: Faster spin waves could make novel computing systems possible

Research is underway around the world to find alternatives to our current electronic computing technology, as great, electron-based systems have limitations. A new way of transmitting information is emerging from the field of magnonics: instead of...

'15.08.2023 09:18:29'

Carbon-based quantum technology

Graphene nanoribbons have outstanding properties that can be precisely controlled. Researchers have succeeded in attaching electrodes to individual atomically precise nanoribbons, paving the way for precise characterization of the fascinating ribb...

'14.08.2023 08:21:25'

Scientists discover novel way of reading data in antiferromagnets, unlocking their use as computer memory

Scientists have made a significant advance in developing alternative materials for the high-speed memory chips that let computers access information quickly and that bypass the limitations of existing materials. They have discovered a way that all...

'11.08.2023 07:54:30'

A roadmap to help AI technologies speak African languages

From text-generating ChatGPT to voice-activated Siri, artificial intelligence-powered tools are designed to aid our everyday life -- as long as you speak a language they support. These technologies are out of reach for billions of people who don't...

'10.08.2023 14:01:17'

Tool finds bias in state-of-the-art generative AI model

Researchers introduce a new tool to measure bias in text-to-image AI generation models, which they have used to quantify bias in the state-of-the-art model Stable Diffusion.

'8.08.2023 07:09:39'

Quantum material exhibits 'non-local' behavior that mimics brain function

New research shows that electrical stimuli passed between neighboring electrodes can also affect non-neighboring electrodes. Known as non-locality, this discovery is a crucial milestone toward creating brain-like computers with minimal energy requ...

'7.08.2023 08:20:01'

Self-supervised AI learns physics to reconstruct microscopic images from holograms

Researchers have unveiled an artificial intelligence-based model for computational imaging and microscopy without training with experimental objects or real data. The team introduced a self-supervised AI model nicknamed GedankenNet that learns fro...

'6.08.2023 17:16:27'

AI transformation of medicine: Why doctors are not prepared

The success of artificial intelligence technologies depends largely on how physicians interpret and act upon a tool's risk predictions -- and that requires a unique set of skills that many are currently lacking, according to a new perspective arti...

'4.08.2023 10:05:10'

Modified virtual reality tech can measure brain activity

The research team at The University of Texas at Austin created a noninvasive electroencephalogram (EEG) sensor that they installed in a Meta VR headset that can be worn comfortably for long periods. The EEG measures the brain's electrical activity...

'3.08.2023 17:38:37'

Deep learning for new protein design

Deep learning methods have been used to augment existing energy-based physical models in 'do novo' or from-scratch computational protein design, resulting in a 10-fold increase in success rates verified in the lab for binding a designed protein wi...

'3.08.2023 09:22:26'

Denial of service threats detected thanks to asymmetric behavior in network traffic

Scientists have developed a better way to recognize denial-of-service internet attacks, improving detection by 90 percent.

'2.08.2023 09:20:59'

New method simplifies the construction process for complex materials

A new technique incorporates many different building blocks of cellular metamaterials into one unified graph-based representation. This can be used to make a user-friendly interface that can quickly and easily model metamaterials, edit the structu...

'1.08.2023 09:16:52'

Thermal imaging innovation allows AI to see through pitch darkness like broad daylight

Engineers have developed HADAR, or heat-assisted detection and ranging.

'1.08.2023 06:50:01'

Google and ChatGPT have mixed results in medical informatiom queries

Computer scientists found that queries for medical information about dementia disease on ChatGPT provided more objective results than similar queries on Google, but both services have strengths and weaknesses. Google provided the most current info...

'31.07.2023 08:22:33'

That's funny -- but AI models don't get the joke

Using hundreds of entries from the New Yorker magazine's Cartoon Caption Contest as a testbed, researchers challenged AI models and humans with three tasks: matching a joke to a cartoon; identifying a winning caption; and explaining why a winning ...

'31.07.2023 07:07:40'

3D display could soon bring touch to the digital world

Engineers have designed a new, shape-shifting display that can fit on a card table and allows users to draw 3D designs and more.

'28.07.2023 13:06:41'

Researchers successfully train a machine learning model in outer space for the first time

Scientists have trained a machine learning model in outer space, on board a satellite. This achievement could revolutionize the capabilities of remote-sensing satellites by enabling real-time monitoring and decision making for a range of applicati...

'28.07.2023 07:34:28'

Reinforcement learning allows underwater robots to locate and track objects underwater

A team has shown that reinforcement learning -i.e., a neural network that learns the best action to perform at each moment based on a series of rewards- allows autonomous vehicles and underwater robots to locate and carefully track marine objects ...

'27.07.2023 10:42:06'

Breakthrough in Monte Carlo computer simulations

Researchers have developed a highly efficient method to investigate systems with long-range interactions that were previously puzzling to experts. These systems can be gases or even solid materials such as magnets whose atoms interact not only wit...

'25.07.2023 08:29:57'

Why computer security advice is more confusing than it should be

If you find the computer security guidelines you get at work confusing and not very useful, you're not alone. A new study highlights a key problem with how these guidelines are created, and outlines simple steps that would improve them -- and prob...

'21.07.2023 07:31:38'

Detecting threats beyond the limits of human, sensor sight

A new patented software system can find the curves of motion in streaming video and images from satellites, drones and far-range security cameras and turn them into signals to find and track moving objects as small as one pixel. The developers say...

'20.07.2023 08:50:02'

Dreaming in technicolor

A team of computer scientists and designers has developed a tool to help people use color better in graphic design.