'21.09.2021 13:27:16'

New machine learning method to analyze complex scientific data of proteins

Scientists have developed a method using machine learning to better analyze data from a powerful scientific tool: nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). One way NMR data can be used is to understand proteins and chemical reactions in the human body. NM...

'21.09.2021 05:17:38'

Novel assay finds new mechanism underlying red blood cell aging

A multifaceted microfluidic in vitro assay is helping to identify the role of hypoxia on red blood cell aging via the biomechanical pathways. It holds promise for investigating hypoxic effects on the metastatic potential and relevant drug resistan...

'21.09.2021 04:10:10'

A new way to solve the ‘hardest of the hard’ computer problems

Researchers have found a way to make what is called reservoir computing work between 33 and a million times faster, with significantly fewer computing resources and less data input needed.

'20.09.2021 08:17:41'

New computational platform to study biological processes

Scientists have launched a unique software that is able to perform highly complex simulations of a variety of biological processes.

'20.09.2021 06:09:10'

Using internet in retirement boosts cognitive function

Scientists have studied the effect of internet usage on cognitive function. Examining more than 2000 retirees from 10 European countries, researchers found that, on average, retirees who used the internet were able to recall 1.22 extra words in a ...

'15.09.2021 09:46:02'

Scientists develop 'optimal strategies' computer model that could significantly reduce future COVID-19 infections and deaths

Scientists have developed a predictive computer model that, when tested on real pandemic data, proposed strategies that would have reduced the rate of both COVID-19 infections and deaths by an average of 72 per cent, based on a sample from four co...

'14.09.2021 14:48:25'

New DNA-based chip can be programmed to solve complex math problems

A novel chip automates the reaction cascades occurring between molecules inside DNA to carry out complex mathematical calculations.

'14.09.2021 07:12:52'

Engineers create 3D-printed objects that sense how a user is interacting with them

Researchers found a way to integrate sensing capabilities into 3D printable structures made of repetitive cells, enabling designers to rapidly prototype interactive input devices.

'14.09.2021 07:12:32'

Scientists can now assemble entire genomes on their personal computers in minutes

Scientists have developed a technique for reconstructing whole genomes, including the human genome, on a personal computer. This technique is about a hundred times faster than current state-of-the-art approaches and uses one-fifth the resources. T...

'14.09.2021 06:00:37'

Taking lessons from a sea slug, study points to better hardware for artificial intelligence

The sea slug has taught neuroscientists the most basic intelligence features that any creature in the animal kingdom needs to survive. Now, researchers have mimicked these strategies in a quantum material, a step toward figuring out how to build a...

'13.09.2021 09:58:05'

Researchers develop new tool for analyzing large superconducting circuits

New research tools are needed to fully develop quantum computers and advance the field. Now researchers have developed and tested a theoretical tool for analyzing large superconducting circuits. These circuits use superconducting quantum bits, the...

'13.09.2021 09:57:01'

Quantum materials cut closer than ever

A new method designs nanomaterials with less than 10-nanometer precision. It could pave the way for faster, more energy-efficient electronics.

'10.09.2021 08:17:25'

A universal system for decoding any type of data sent across a network

A new silicon chip can decode any error-correcting code through the use of a novel algorithm known as Guessing Random Additive Noise Decoding (GRAND).

'10.09.2021 08:17:12'

AI can make better clinical decisions than humans: Study

Researchers find that machine-learning algorithms can identify effective behavioral, educational, and psychological interventions more accurately than professionals can.

'9.09.2021 08:43:59'

Breakthrough achievement in quantum computing

Researchers have set a world record for innovation in quantum computing.

'8.09.2021 14:06:28'

New machine-learning approach is better at spotting enzymatic metals in proteins

A machine-learning model to spot enzymes could lead to more effective, eco-friendly and cheaper drug therapies and other industrial products.

'3.09.2021 09:26:31'

Researchers find a way to check that quantum computers return accurate answers

Quantum computers become ever more powerful, but how can we be sure that the answers they return are accurate? A team of physicists solves this problem by letting quantum computers check each other's work.

'2.09.2021 13:48:14'

Researchers use artificial intelligence to predict which COVID-19 patients will need a ventilator to breathe

Researchers have developed an online tool to help medical staff quickly determine which COVID-19 patients will need help breathing with a ventilator. The tool, developed through analysis of CT scans from nearly 900 COVID-19 patients diagnosed in 2...

'2.09.2021 08:51:16'

Scientists create a labor-saving automated method for studying electronic health records

A new, automated, artificial intelligence-based algorithm can learn to read patient data from electronic health records. In a side-by-side comparison, scientists showed that their method accurately identified patients with certain diseases as well...

'2.09.2021 08:50:37'

Brain-inspired memory device

Many electronic devices today are dependent on semiconductor logic circuits based on switches hard-wired to perform predefined logic functions. Physicists have developed a novel molecular memristor, or an electronic memory device, that has excepti...

'2.09.2021 08:49:27'

Quantum emitters: Beyond crystal clear to single-photon pure

A research team has developed a technique that can isolate the desired quality emitter by reducing the noise surrounding the target with what they have dubbed a 'nanoscale focus pinspot.'

'1.09.2021 15:14:25'

New molecular device has unprecedented reconfigurability reminiscent of brain plasticity

Researchers describe a novel molecular device with exceptional computing prowess. Reminiscent of the plasticity of connections in the human brain, the device can be reconfigured on the fly for different computational tasks by simply changing appli...

'30.08.2021 12:39:40'

Standards for studies using machine learning

Researchers in the life sciences who use machine learning for their studies should adopt standards that allow other researchers to reproduce their results, according to a new article.

'30.08.2021 08:32:20'

'Charging room' system powers lights, phones, laptops without wires

In a move that could one day free the world's countertops from their snarl of charging cords, researchers have developed a system to safely deliver electricity over the air, potentially turning entire buildings into wireless charging zones.

'25.08.2021 07:36:41'

Baby detector software embedded in digital camera rivals ECG

Facial recognition is now common in adults, but researchers have developed software that can reliably detect a premature baby's face in an incubator and remotely monitor its heart and breathing rates - rivaling ECG machines and even outperforming ...

'24.08.2021 13:44:33'

Using your smartwatch to reduce stress

An engineering researcher has modified a smartwatch to reduce stress. The new technology monitors sweat to infer brain stress and, when detected, sends a message through the smartwatch to calm down.

'23.08.2021 10:36:32'

Layered graphene with a twist displays unique quantum confinement in 2-D

Bilayer graphene with one of the two layers twisted displayed unique resonant electronic behavior. Understanding how electrons move in such 2-D materials could shed light on how to manipulate them for quantum computing and communication.

'23.08.2021 08:57:20'

Discovery could improve reliability of future smart electronics

An undergraduate student has discovered a way to suppress hot-carrier effects that have plagued devices that use thin-film transistor architecture - such as smartwatches and solar panels.

'20.08.2021 11:37:06'

Opening a path toward quantum computing in real-world conditions

The quantum computing market is projected to reach $65 billion by 2030, a hot topic for investors and scientists alike because of its potential to solve incomprehensibly complex problems. Drug discovery is one example. To understand drug interacti...

'20.08.2021 09:53:46'

Using artificial intelligence for early detection and treatment of illnesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) will fundamentally change medicine and healthcare: Diagnostic patient data, e.g. from ECG, EEG or X-ray images, can be analyzed with the help of machine learning, so that diseases can be detected at a very early stage ...

'20.08.2021 05:34:12'

Novel resilient state estimation method for process control in cyber-physical systems

A new process control method uses a special mathematical structure to accurately estimate the internal process variables of a system, even when external sensors are damaged.

'19.08.2021 10:23:15'

Partition function zeros are ‘shortcut’ to thermodynamic calculations on quantum computers

A study has developed a new method that enables quantum computers to measure the thermodynamic properties of systems by calculating the zeros of the partition function.

'19.08.2021 06:27:37'

Accessing high-spins in an artificial atom

Researchers have devised a method for measuring the high-spin state of up to four electrons confined on a tiny gallium arsenide quantum dot. This research may lead to quantum computers that can process information by manipulating both electron cha...

'13.08.2021 11:20:33'

'Missing jigsaw piece': Engineers make critical advance in quantum computer design

A decades-old problem about how to reliably control millions of qubits in a silicon quantum computer chip has now been solved.

'13.08.2021 08:00:18'

Gender, personality influence use of interactive tools online

A team of researchers found that people considered websites more interactive if they had tools to facilitate communication between users, often referred to as computer-mediated communication, or CMC.

'13.08.2021 06:03:16'

Progress in algorithms makes small, noisy quantum computers viable

Instead of waiting for fully mature quantum computers to emerge, researchers have developed hybrid classical/quantum algorithms to extract the most performance -- and potentially quantum advantage -- from today's noisy, error-prone hardware.

'12.08.2021 12:19:08'

Best of both worlds — Combining classical and quantum systems to meet supercomputing demands

Quantum entanglement is one of the most fundamental and intriguing phenomena in nature. Recent research on entanglement has proven to be a valuable resource for quantum communication and information processing. Now, scientists have discovered a st...

'12.08.2021 09:59:10'

Toward next-generation brain-computer interface systems

A new kind of neural interface system that coordinates the activity of hundreds of tiny brain sensors could one day deepen understanding of the brain and lead to new medical therapies.

'12.08.2021 08:31:03'

New study shows the potential of DNA-based data-structures systems

Engineers have created new dynamic DNA data structures able to store and recall information in an ordered way from DNA molecules. They also analyzed how these structures are able to be interfaced with external nucleic acid computing circuits.

'10.08.2021 06:47:09'

Researchers develop real-time lyric generation technology to inspire song writing

Music artists can find inspiration and new creative directions for their song writing with technology.

'9.08.2021 14:10:38'

Natural language processing research: Signed languages

Advancements in natural language processing (NLP) enable computers to understand what humans say and help people communicate through tools like machine translation, voice-controlled assistants and chatbots.

'4.08.2021 17:01:30'

An exciting new material: Candidate superconductor

Engineers have been working to develop materials that can enable quantum information-based technologies for such applications as quantum computing, communications, sensing, and simulation.

'4.08.2021 08:36:28'

Towards next-gen computers: Mimicking brain functions with graphene-diamond junctions

The human brain holds the secret to our unique personalities. But did you know that it can also form the basis of highly efficient computing devices? Researchers recently showed how to do this, through graphene-diamond junctions that mimic some of...

'3.08.2021 13:52:35'

How chemical reactions compute

If chemical reactions can be 'programmed' like other types of computing machines, they might be exploited for applications in many areas, including intelligent drug delivery, neural networks, or even artificial cells, experts suggest.

'3.08.2021 08:14:04'

Running quantum software on a classical computer

Physicists have introduced an approach for simulating the quantum approximate optimization algorithm using a traditional computer. Instead of running the algorithm on advanced quantum processors, the new approach uses a classical machine-learning ...

'2.08.2021 10:02:01'

Decoding how salamanders walk

Salamanders can navigate complex and unstructured environments thanks to their impressive body-limb coordination. Researchers have built a model that mimics a salamander's walk with the hope it aids the development of agile and adaptive robots tha...

'29.07.2021 14:36:02'

Artificial Intelligence learns better when distracted

Computer scientists from the Netherlands and Spain have determined how a deep learning system well suited for image recognition learns to recognize its surroundings. They were able to simplify the learning process by forcing the system's focus tow...

'29.07.2021 14:35:46'

New information storage and processing device

A team of scientists has developed a means to create a new type of memory, marking a notable breakthrough in the increasingly sophisticated field of artificial intelligence.

'29.07.2021 10:34:26'

Adapting roots to a hotter planet could ease pressure on food supply

The shoots of plants get all of the glory, with their fruit and flowers and visible structure. But it's the portion that lies below the soil — the branching, reaching arms of roots and hairs pulling up water and nutrients — that interests some pla...

'29.07.2021 08:21:56'

Dark mode may not save your phone's battery life as much as you think, but there are a few silver linings

Dark mode is unlikely to make a big difference to battery life with the way that most people use their phones on a daily basis, says a new study. That doesn't mean that dark mode can't be helpful, though.

'27.07.2021 13:15:25'

Now in 3D: Deep learning techniques help visualize X-ray data in three dimensions

A team of scientists has leveraged artificial intelligence to train computers to keep up with the massive amounts of X-ray data taken at the Advanced Photon Source.

'27.07.2021 08:12:20'

New cybersecurity technique keeps hackers guessing

Researchers developed a new machine learning-based framework to enhance the security of computer networks inside vehicles without undermining performance.

'22.07.2021 09:13:54'

Smartphone screens effective sensors for soil or water contamination

The touchscreen technology used in billions of smartphones and tablets could also be used as a powerful sensor, without the need for any modifications.

'22.07.2021 09:13:42'

Gaming graphics card allows faster, more precise control of fusion energy experiments

Researchers have developed a method that uses a gaming graphics card to control plasma formation in their prototype fusion reactor.

'22.07.2021 07:30:49'

Antimatter from laser pincers

An international physics team has proposed a new concept that may allow selected cosmic extreme processes to be studied in the laboratory in the future. A special setup of two high-intensity laser beams could create conditions similar to those fou...

'22.07.2021 07:30:26'

Scientists make X-ray vision-like camera to rapidly retrieve 3D images

Researchers describe a new type of camera technology that, when aimed at an object, can rapidly retrieve 3D images, displaying its chemical content down to the micrometer scale.

'21.07.2021 13:27:11'

Team streamlines neural networks to be more adept at computing on encrypted data

Researchers are rethinking basic functions that drive the ability of neural networks to make inferences on encrypted data.

'21.07.2021 13:26:51'

New simulator helps robots sharpen their cutting skills

Researchers have unveiled a new simulator for robotic cutting that can accurately reproduce the forces acting on a knife as it slices through common foodstuffs, such as fruit and vegetables. The system could also simulate cutting through human tis...

'21.07.2021 08:07:26'

Rounding errors could make certain stopwatches pick wrong race winners, researchers show

Simulated swimming race times show a small number of times recorded on quartzite oscillator-based devices are off by margins large enough to determine winners.

'21.07.2021 06:23:29'

Novel method predicts if COVID-19 clinical trials will fail or succeed

Researchers have modeled COVID-19 completion versus cessation in clinical trials using machine learning algorithms and ensemble learning.