'23.11.2022 07:51:32'

A simpler path to better computer vision

Research finds using a large collection of simple, un-curated synthetic image generation programs to pretrain a computer vision model for image classification yields greater accuracy than employing other pretraining methods that are more costly an...

'22.11.2022 17:13:05'

Teaching photonic chips to 'learn'

A multi-institution research team has developed an optical chip that can train machine learning hardware.

'22.11.2022 10:28:07'

Quantum algorithms save time in the calculation of electron dynamics

Quantum computers promise significantly shorter computing times for complex problems. But there are still only a few quantum computers worldwide with a limited number of so-called qubits. However, quantum computer algorithms can already run on con...

'21.11.2022 08:07:56'

A possible game changer for next generation microelectronics

Researchers have discovered new properties of tiny magnetic whirlpools called skyrmions. Their pivotal discovery could lead to a new generation of microelectronics for memory storage with vastly improved energy efficiency.

'18.11.2022 11:03:05'

Artificial neural networks learn better when they spend time not learning at all

Researchers discuss how mimicking sleep patterns of the human brain in artificial neural networks may help mitigate the threat of catastrophic forgetting in the latter, boosting their utility across a spectrum of research interests.

'17.11.2022 13:42:13'

What happens if your medical records are incomplete?

Your entire medical journey lives in digital health records, but how do you know if those records are wrong, incomplete or missing important information? That's the focus of new research.

'17.11.2022 08:55:55'

Shock to the system: Using electricity to find materials that can 'learn'

Researchers used electrical pulses to watch nickel oxide undergo two responses, habituation and sensitization, bolstering the case for brain-inspired computing.

'16.11.2022 11:49:35'

An on-chip time-lens generates ultrafast pulses

Researchers have developed a high-performance, on-chip femtosecond pulse source using a time lens.

'16.11.2022 10:06:53'

A low-cost robot ready for any obstacle

Researchers have designed a robotic system that enables a low-cost and relatively small legged robot to climb and descend stairs nearly its height; traverse rocky, slippery, uneven, steep and varied terrain; walk across gaps; scale rocks and curbs...

'16.11.2022 10:06:48'

Empowering social media users to assess content helps fight misinformation

Researchers built a prototype social media platform to study the effects of giving users more agency to assess content for accuracy and control the posts they see based on accuracy assessments from others. Users were able to make accurate assessme...

'14.11.2022 06:10:38'

Researcher lauded for superb solution of algorithmic riddle from the 1950s

Solving the riddle can reduce electric car battery consumption and make life tougher for currency speculators in the future. The discovery has just won the award for best research article and was honored at the field's most prestigious conference ...

'13.11.2022 14:11:45'

Lack of computer access linked to poorer mental health in young people during COVID-19 pandemic

Researchers have highlighted how lack of access to a computer was linked to poorer mental health among young people and adolescents during COVID-19 lockdowns.

'10.11.2022 15:54:11'

Scientists promote FAIR standards for managing artificial intelligence models

Computational scientists adopt new framework for making AI models more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

'9.11.2022 03:57:46'

New AI model can help prevent damaging and costly data breaches

Privacy experts have created an AI algorithm that automatically tests privacy-preserving systems for potential data leaks.

'8.11.2022 13:55:30'

Wrist-mounted camera captures entire body in 3D

Using a miniature camera and a customized deep neural network, researchers have developed a novel wristband that tracks the entire body posture in 3D.

'7.11.2022 08:58:19'

New quasiparticle discovered in moiré patterns

A new species of exciton with novel characteristics has been discovered in moiré crystal superlattice. Scientists have developed a pristine unit-cell matrix projection method that reduces computationally a million-fold without loss of accuracy. Su...

'3.11.2022 08:00:36'

Novel nanowire fabrication technique paves way for next generation spintronics

The challenge of fabricating nanowires directly on silicon substrates for the creation of the next generation of electronics has finally been solved. Next generation spintronics will lead to better memory storage mechanisms in computers, making th...

'3.11.2022 06:50:24'

Researchers discover security loophole allowing attackers to use WiFi to see through walls

A research team has developed a drone-powered device that can use WiFi networks to see through walls.

'2.11.2022 12:41:40'

In the latest human vs. machine match, artificial intelligence wins by a hair

A protein scientist, who competed against a computer program, says machine learning will advance biotechnology.

'2.11.2022 12:41:35'

Machine learning facilitates 'turbulence tracking' in fusion reactors

Researchers demonstrated the use of computer-vision models to monitor turbulent structures that appear in plasma created in controlled-nuclear-fusion research. They created a synthetic dataset to train these models to identify and track the struct...

'2.11.2022 07:55:35'

How network pruning can skew deep learning models

Computer science researchers have demonstrated that a widely used technique called neural network pruning can adversely affect the performance of deep learning models, detailed what causes these performance problems, and demonstrated a technique f...

'1.11.2022 07:17:18'

Machine learning, from you

Many computer systems people interact with on a daily basis require knowledge about certain aspects of the world, or models, to work. These systems have to be trained, often needing to learn to recognize objects from video or image data. This data...

'28.10.2022 07:15:40'

New form of universal quantum computers

Computing power of quantum machines is currently still very low. Increasing it is still proving to be a major challenge. Physicists now present a new architecture for a universal quantum computer that overcomes such limitations and could be the ba...

'27.10.2022 08:39:29'

New hybrid structures could pave the way to more stable quantum computers

A new way to combine two materials with special electrical properties -- a monolayer superconductor and a topological insulator -- provides the best platform to date to explore an unusual form of superconductivity called topological superconductiv...

'26.10.2022 10:27:54'

Building with nanoparticles, from the bottom up

Researchers created a technique for precisely arranging nanoparticles onto surfaces in arrays with arbitrary shapes that does not cause damage to the material's surface. The scalable technique could help make higher-performance devices like lasers...

'26.10.2022 07:44:24'

Breakthrough: World's smallest photon in a dielectric material

Researchers have developed a nanostructure that compresses the light to become 10,000 times thinner than a human hair. This fundamental scientific breakthrough can be important for multiple fields, including energy-efficient computers and quantum ...

'21.10.2022 09:27:31'

Advance brings quantum computing one step closer to implementation

Researchers identified possible solutions to some of the limitations of qubits for quantum computing. They looked at two different hybrid quantum systems: an electron-superconducting circuit and an electron-ion coupled system. Both systems were ab...

'21.10.2022 09:27:20'

A broader definition of learning could help stimulate interdisciplinary research

By embracing a broader definition of learning that includes any behavioral adaption developed in response to regular features of an environment, researchers could better collaborate across the fields of psychology, computer science, sociology, and...

'20.10.2022 10:06:09'

New computing architecture: Deep learning with light

A new computing architecture enables advanced machine-learning computations to be performed on a low-power, memory-constrained edge device. The technique may enable self-driving cars to make decisions in real-time while only using a fraction of th...

'18.10.2022 09:11:39'

Artificial intelligence answers the call for quail information

When states want to gauge quail populations, the process can be grueling, time-consuming and expensive. It means spending hours in the field listening for calls. Or leaving a recording device in the field to catch what sounds are made -- only to s...

'17.10.2022 10:24:48'

A new AI model can accurately predict human response to novel drug compounds

A research team has created an artificial intelligence model that could significantly improve the accuracy and reduce the time and cost of the drug development process. The new model, called CODE-AE, can screen novel drug compounds to accurately p...

'13.10.2022 15:41:08'

Researchers develop automatic drawing machine for making paper-based metamaterials

Researchers have developed an automatic drawing machine that uses pens and pencils to draw metamaterials -- artificially engineered composite materials that derive their properties from patterned microstructure -- onto paper. They demonstrated the...

'13.10.2022 10:56:36'

New measurements quantifying qudits provide glimpse of quantum future

Using existing experimental and computational resources, a multi-institutional team has developed an effective method for measuring high-dimensional qudits encoded in quantum frequency combs, which are a type of photon source, on a single optical ...

'13.10.2022 06:47:10'

Researchers build a 'Wikipedia' for resistant bacteria

Researchers have created a new tool in the fight against resistant bacteria that based on 214,000 microbiome samples can create an overview of the problem across countries, people and environments.

'13.10.2022 04:41:05'

Smelling in VR environment possible with new gaming technology

An odor machine, so-called olfactometer, makes it possible to smell in VR environments. First up is a 'wine tasting game' where the user smells wine in a virtual wine cellar and gets points if the guess on aromas in each wine is correct. The new t...

'12.10.2022 09:25:02'

Seeing electron movement at fastest speed ever could help unlock next-level quantum computing

The key to maximizing traditional or quantum computing speeds lies in our ability to understand how electrons behave in solids, and researchers have now captured electron movement in attoseconds--the fastest speed yet.

'11.10.2022 12:08:46'

Materials science engineers work on new material for computer chips

Members of a multifunctional thin film research group have published two landmark studies that explain how to engineer and enhance the stability of ferroelectric hafnium oxides, which are compatible with mainstream semiconductors. Their research a...

'6.10.2022 12:48:17'

Superconducting hardware could scale up brain-inspired computing

Scientists have long looked to the brain as an inspiration for designing computing systems. Some researchers have recently gone even further by making computer hardware with a brainlike structure. These 'neuromorphic chips' have already shown grea...

'6.10.2022 12:48:06'

Repurposing existing drugs to fight new COVID-19 variants

Finding new ways to treat the novel coronavirus and its ever-changing variants has been a challenge for researchers, especially when the traditional drug development and discovery process can take years. Researchers are taking a hi-tech approach t...

'6.10.2022 10:15:08'

Algorithms predict sports teams' moves with 80% accuracy

Algorithms can predict the in-game actions of volleyball players with more than 80% accuracy, and now the lab is collaborating with the Big Red hockey team to expand the research project's applications.

'5.10.2022 12:24:08'

Nanoprinting electrodes for customized treatments of disease

Researchers have pioneered the CMU Array -- a customizable, 3D nano-printed, ultra-high-density microelectrode array platform for next generation brain-computer interfaces. This technology can transform the way doctors are able to treat neurologic...

'4.10.2022 09:43:59'

AI models can now continually learn from new data on intelligent edge devices like smartphones and sensors

A new technique enables on-device training of machine-learning models on edge devices like microcontrollers, which have very limited memory. This could allow edge devices to continually learn from new data, eliminating data privacy issues, while e...

'4.10.2022 09:43:45'

New algorithms help four-legged robots run in the wild

A new system of algorithms enables four-legged robots to walk and run on challenging terrain while avoiding both static and moving obstacles. The work brings researchers a step closer to building robots that can perform search and rescue missions ...

'4.10.2022 08:19:40'

'Game-changing' study offers a powerful computer-modeling approach to cell simulations

A milestone report proposes a new technique for modeling molecular life with computers. The advance promises new insights into the fundamental biology of a cell, as well as faster and more precise treatment of human disease.

'3.10.2022 16:01:59'

Machine learning model predicts health conditions of people with MS during stay-at-home periods

A newly developed model can accurately predict how stay-at-home orders like those put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic affect the mental health of people with chronic neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis. Researchers gathered dat...

'29.09.2022 16:37:18'

For the longest time: Quantum computing engineers set new standard in silicon chip performance

Engineers have substantially extended the time that their quantum computing processors can hold information by more than 100 times compared to previous results.

'29.09.2022 09:35:01'

Machine learning helps scientists peer (a second) into the future

The past may be a fixed and immutable point, but with the help of machine learning, the future can at times be more easily divined.

'29.09.2022 09:34:48'

Full control of a six-qubit quantum processor in silicon

Researchers have engineered a record number of six, silicon-based, spin qubits in a fully interoperable array. Importantly, the qubits can be operated with a low error-rate that is achieved with a new chip design, an automated calibration procedur...

'29.09.2022 09:33:21'

Fluidic circuits add analog options for controlling soft robots

Robotics researchers, engineers and materials scientists showed it is possible to make programmable, nonelectronic circuits that control the actions of soft robots by processing information encoded in bursts of compressed air.

'29.09.2022 09:26:18'

Discovery of new nanowire assembly process could enable more powerful computer chips

Researchers have developed a technique to precisely manipulate and place nanowires with sub-micron accuracy. This discovery could accelerate the development of even smaller and more powerful computer chips.

'29.09.2022 09:25:31'

Do humans think computers make fair decisions?

Today, machine learning helps determine the loan we qualify for, the job we get, and even who goes to jail. But when it comes to these potentially life-altering decisions, can computers make a fair call? Researchers have shown that with human supe...

'28.09.2022 05:48:18'

Scalable and fully coupled quantum-inspired processor solves optimization problems

Annealing processors are more energy efficient and quicker at solving mathematical optimization problems than PCs. Researchers at Tokyo University of Science have now developed a new approach to realizing scalable fully coupled annealing processor...

'27.09.2022 06:23:46'

Quantum technology reaches unprecedented control over captured light

Researchers in quantum technology have succeeded in developing a technique to control quantum states of light in a three-dimensional cavity. In addition to creating previously known states, the researchers are the first ever to demonstrate the lon...

'26.09.2022 05:02:17'

'Placenta-on-a-chip' mimics malaria-infected nutrient exchange between mother-fetus

Combining microbiology with engineering technologies, this novel 3D model uses a single microfluidic chip to study the complicated processes that take place in malaria-infected placenta as well as other placenta-related diseases and pathologies. T...

'23.09.2022 09:21:33'

An AI message decoder based on bacterial growth patterns

Depending on the initial conditions used, such as nutrient levels and space constraints, bacteria tend to grow in specific ways. Researchers have created a new type of encryption scheme based on how a virtual bacterial colony grows with specific i...

'23.09.2022 05:08:32'

AI-based screening method could boost speed of new drug discovery

Developing life-saving medicines can take billions of dollars and decades of time, but researchers are aiming to speed up this process with a new artificial intelligence-based drug screening process they've developed. Using a method that models dr...

'23.09.2022 05:07:05'

Traditional computers can solve some quantum problems

A new study describes how machine learning tools, run on classical computers, can be used to make predictions about quantum systems and thus help researchers solve some of the trickiest physics and chemistry problems.

'22.09.2022 06:32:31'

Upgrading your computer to quantum

Researchers have demonstrated how a nanoscale layer of superconducting niobium nitride (NbNx) can be grown directly onto aluminum nitride (AIN). The arrangement of atoms, nitrogen content, and electrical conductivity were found to depend on growth...

'22.09.2022 06:31:40'

Key element for a scalable quantum computer

Millions of quantum bits are required for quantum computers to prove useful in practical applications. But this is still a long way off. One problem is that the qubits have to be very close to each other on the chip. Researchers have now come a si...

'20.09.2022 06:34:28'

Did my computer say it best?

With autocorrect and auto-generated email responses, algorithms offer plenty of assistance to help people express themselves. But new research shows people who rely on algorithms for assistance with language-related, creative tasks didn't improve ...