'19.10.2020 10:55:44'

Material found in house paint may spur technology revolution

The development of a new method to make non-volatile computer memory may have unlocked a problem that has been holding back machine learning and has the potential to revolutionize technologies like voice recognition, image processing and autonomou...

'19.10.2020 08:55:37'

A new approach to artificial intelligence that builds in uncertainty

Artificial intelligence isn't perfect. In fact, it's only as good as the methods and data built into it. Researchers have detailed a new approach to artificial intelligence that builds uncertainty, error, physical laws, expert knowledge and missin...

'16.10.2020 06:09:26'

Researchers discover a uniquely quantum effect in erasing information

Researchers have discovered a uniquely quantum effect in erasing information that may have significant implications for the design of quantum computing chips. Their surprising discovery brings back to life the paradoxical 'Maxwell's demo', which h...

'14.10.2020 10:11:02'

Assessing state of the art in AI for brain disease treatment

The range of AI technologies available for dealing with brain disease is growing fast, and exciting new methods are being applied to brain problems as computer scientists gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities of advanced algorithms. Rese...

'14.10.2020 07:46:15'

Bringing a power tool from math into quantum computing

The Fourier transform is a mathematical operation essential to virtually all fields of physics and engineering. Although there already exists an algorithm that computes the Fourier transform in quantum computers, it is not versatile enough for man...

'14.10.2020 07:46:06'

Scientists voice concerns, call for transparency and reproducibility in AI research

Scientist challenge scientific journals to hold computational researchers to higher standards of transparency, and call for their colleagues to share their code, models and computational environments in publications.

'13.10.2020 08:40:54'

New deep learning models: Fewer neurons, more intelligence

An international research team has developed a new artificial intelligence system based on the brains of tiny animals, such as threadworms. This novel AI-system can control a vehicle with just a few artificial neurons. It copes much better with no...

'13.10.2020 06:16:19'

Software spots and fixes hang bugs in seconds, rather than weeks

Hang bugs - when software gets stuck, but doesn't crash - can frustrate both users and programmers, taking weeks for companies to identify and fix. Now researchers have developed software that can spot and fix the problems in seconds.

'12.10.2020 08:00:05'

New virtual reality software allows scientists to 'walk' inside cells

Virtual reality software which allows researchers to 'walk' inside and analyze individual cells could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology and develop new treatments for disease.

'12.10.2020 07:59:37'

Multi-state data storage leaving binary behind

Electronic data is being produced at a breath-taking rate. Around ten zettabytes (ten trillion gigabytes) of data is stored in global server farms, and that's doubling every two years. With computing already consuming 8% of global electricity, low...

'8.10.2020 06:42:24'

Engineering team develops novel miniaturized organic semiconductor

An engineering team has made an important breakthrough in developing the staggered structure monolayer Organic Field Effect Transistors, which sets a major cornerstone to reduce the size of OFETs.

'7.10.2020 08:31:17'

Biochip innovation combines AI and nanoparticle printing for cancer cell analysis

Researchers describe how they combined artificial intelligence, microfluidics and nanoparticle inkjet printing in a device that enables the examination and differentiation of cancers and healthy tissues at the single-cell level.

'6.10.2020 05:12:20'

How mobile apps grab our attention

Researchers have done the first empirical study on how users pay visual attention to mobile app designs.

'5.10.2020 10:08:11'

New algorithm could unleash the power of quantum computers

A new algorithm that fast forwards simulations could bring greater use ability to current and near-term quantum computers, opening the way for applications to run past strict time limits that hamper many quantum calculations.

'5.10.2020 07:21:22'

Deep learning gives drug design a boost

A computational tool may help pharmaceutical companies expand their ability to investigate the safety of drugs.

'1.10.2020 16:02:36'

Tool helps clear biases from computer vision

Researchers have developed a tool that flags potential biases in sets of images used to train artificial intelligence (AI) systems. The work is part of a larger effort to remedy and prevent the biases that have crept into AI systems that influence...

'30.09.2020 10:44:26'

AI can detect COVID-19 in the lungs like a virtual physician, new study shows

New research shows that artificial intelligence can be nearly as accurate as a physician in diagnosing COVID-19 in the lungs. The study also shows the new technique can also overcome some of the challenges of current testing.

'30.09.2020 07:42:07'

New detector breakthrough pushes boundaries of quantum computing

A new article shows potential for graphene bolometers to become a game-changer for quantum technology.

'29.09.2020 08:35:44'

App analyzes coronavirus genome on a smartphone

Researchers have developed the app 'Genopo' that can analyze the coronavirus genome on a portable Android device.

'29.09.2020 08:35:42'

Driving behavior less 'robotic' thanks to new model

Researchers have now developed a new model that describes driving behavior on the basis of one underlying 'human' principle: managing the risk below a threshold level. This model can accurately predict human behavior during a wide range of driving...

'29.09.2020 08:33:54'

Brain circuitry shaped by competition for space as well as genetics

Complex brain circuits in rodents can organize themselves with genetics playing only a secondary role, according to a new computer modelling study.

'28.09.2020 08:50:37'

Recording thousands of nerve cell impulses at high resolution

Researchers have developed a new generation of microelectrode-array chips for measuring nerve impulses, enabling studies of how thousands of nerve cells interact with each other.

'25.09.2020 07:36:34'

3D camera quickly merges depth, spectral data

The Hyperspectral Stripe Projector captures spectroscopic and 3D imaging data for applications like machine vision, crop monitoring, self-driving cars and corrosion detection.

'25.09.2020 07:36:16'

Simpler models may be better for determining some climate risk

Typically, computer models of climate become more and more complex as researchers strive to capture more details of our Earth's system, but according to a team of researchers, to assess risks, less complex models, with their ability to better samp...

'24.09.2020 10:15:47'

Metal wires of carbon complete toolbox for carbon-based computers

Carbon-based computers have the potential to be a lot faster and much more energy efficient than silicon-based computers, but 2D graphene and carbon nanotubes have proved challenging to turn into the elements needed to construct transistor circuit...

'24.09.2020 09:53:21'

A self-erasing chip for security and anti-counterfeit tech

Self-erasing chips could help stop counterfeit electronics or provide alerts if sensitive shipments are tampered with.

'24.09.2020 07:41:43'

Bridging the gap between the magnetic and electronic properties of topological insulators

Scientists have shed light on the relationship between the magnetic properties of topological insulators and their electronic band structure. Their experimental results offer new insights into recent debates regarding the evolution of the band str...

'23.09.2020 08:46:47'

Meditation for mind-control

Scientists have discovered that mindful meditation can help subjects learn and improve the ability to mind-control brain computer interfaces (BCIs).

'22.09.2020 09:57:36'

When bots do the negotiating, humans more likely to engage in deceptive techniques

Researchers found that whether humans would embrace a range of deceptive and sneaky negotiating techniques was dependent both on the humans' prior negotiating experience in negotiating as well as whether virtual agents where employed to negotiate ...

'22.09.2020 07:22:58'

Engineers pre-train AI computers to make them even more powerful

Engineers have developed a new machine-learning method that paves the way for artificial intelligence to be used in applications that until now have been deemed too sensitive. The method, which has been tested by running simulations on a climate-c...

'22.09.2020 06:24:36'

Personal interactions are important drivers of STEM identity in girls

Researchers found that nuanced interactions between teachers and campers at a coding camp for middle school girls as well as among the girls themselves impacted how girls viewed themselves as coders.

'21.09.2020 09:54:07'

AI could expand healing with bioscaffolds

Artificial intelligence can speed the development of 3D-printed bioscaffolds that help injuries heal, according to researchers.

'21.09.2020 05:15:32'

A computer predicts your thoughts, creating images based on them

Researchers have developed a technique in which a computer models visual perception by monitoring human brain signals. In a way, it is as if the computer tries to imagine what a human is thinking about. As a result of this imagining, the computer ...

'18.09.2020 08:22:07'

New design principles for spin-based quantum materials

A new design criteria for enhancing the spin lifetime of a class of quantum materials could support Internet of Things devices and other resource-intensive technologies.

'16.09.2020 11:48:52'

World's smallest ultrasound detector created

Researchers have developed the world's smallest ultrasound detector. It is based on miniaturized photonic circuits on top of a silicon chip. With a size 100 times smaller than an average human hair, the new detector can visualize features that are...

'16.09.2020 09:11:03'

New data processing module makes deep neural networks smarter

Artificial intelligence researchers have improved the performance of deep neural networks by combining feature normalization and feature attention modules into a single module that they call attentive normalization. The hybrid module improves the ...

'16.09.2020 07:36:01'

Security software for autonomous vehicles

Before autonomous vehicles participate in road traffic, they must demonstrate conclusively that they do not pose a danger to others. New software prevents accidents by predicting different variants of a traffic situation every millisecond.

'16.09.2020 07:34:14'

Engineers improve signal processing for small fiber optic cables

Tiny circuits can go the distance. Researchers have mapped a noise-reducing magneto-optical response that occurs in fiber-optic communications, opening the door for new materials technologies.

'15.09.2020 06:59:38'

Artificial intelligence and machine learning could enhance scientific peer review, researchers say

Artificial intelligence and machine learning could enhance scientific peer review as scientists rush to publish COVID-related research, according to experts.

'14.09.2020 07:21:53'

Light processing improves robotic sensing, study finds

A team of researchers uncovered how the human brain processes bright and contrasting light, which they say is a key to improving robotic sensing and enabling autonomous agents to team with humans.

'10.09.2020 13:18:26'

New machine learning-assisted method rapidly classifies quantum sources

Engineers have created a new machine learning-assisted method that could make quantum photonic circuit development more efficient by rapidly pre-selecting these solid-state quantum emitters.

'10.09.2020 13:18:22'

Quirky response to magnetism presents quantum physics mystery

Scientists describe the quirky behavior of one such magnetic topological insulator. The new article includes experimental evidence that intrinsic magnetism in the bulk of manganese bismuth telluride (MnBi2Te4) also extends to the electrons on its ...

'10.09.2020 09:04:18'

Evidence of power: Phasing quantum annealers into experiments from nonequilibrium physics

Scientists have used commercially available quantum annealers, a type of quantum computer, to experimentally probe the validity of an important mechanism from nonequilibrium physics in open quantum systems. The results not only shed light into the...

'10.09.2020 07:08:59'

Detailed picture of US bachelor's programs in computing

With the aim of providing a comprehensive look at computing education, the study includes information on enrollments, degree completions, faculty demographics, and faculty salaries.

'9.09.2020 10:03:14'

Designed antiviral proteins inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in the lab

Computer-designed miniproteins have now been shown to protect lab-grown human cells from SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The lead antiviral candidate rivals the best-known SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibodies in its protective action...

'9.09.2020 07:48:54'

Artificial intelligence aids gene activation discovery

Scientists have long known that human genes are activated through instructions delivered by the precise order of our DNA. With the aid of artificial intelligence, researchers have solved a long-standing DNA activation code mystery. Their discovery...

'9.09.2020 07:48:29'

New method prevents quantum computers from crashing

Quantum information is fragile, which is why quantum computers must be able to correct errors. But what if whole qubits are lost? Researchers are now presenting a method that allows quantum computers to keep going even if they lose some qubits alo...

'9.09.2020 06:02:28'

Tool transforms world landmark photos into 4D experiences

Using publicly available tourist photos of world landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome or Top of the Rock in New York City, researchers have developed a method to create maneuverable 3D images that show changes in appearance over time.

'8.09.2020 09:10:44'

Model shows that the speed neurons fire impacts their ability to synchronize

Research has shown for the first time that a computer model can replicate and explain a unique property displayed by a crucial brain cell. Their findings shed light on how groups of neurons can self-organize by synchronizing when they fire fast.

'8.09.2020 06:16:34'

Extracting order from a quantum measurement finally shown experimentally

In physics, it is essential to be able to show a theoretical assumption in actual, physical experiments. For more than a hundred years, physicists have been aware of the link between the concepts of disorder in a system, and information obtained b...

'3.09.2020 13:14:45'

Battery-free Game Boy runs forever

Researchers develop first-ever battery-free, energy-harvesting, interactive device. And it looks and feels like a retro 8-bit Nintendo Game Boy.

'2.09.2020 11:21:50'

Heavy electronic media use in late childhood linked to lower academic performance

A new study of 8- to 11-year olds reveals an association between heavy television use and poorer reading performance, as well as between heavy computer use and poorer numeracy--the ability to work with numbers.

'2.09.2020 07:43:58'

Predictive placentas: Using artificial intelligence to protect mothers' future pregnancies

New technology can decrease healthcare costs, allowing a majority of mothers and infants to have access to a microscopic placenta examination, according to a new report.

'2.09.2020 05:51:30'

A molecular approach to quantum computing

Molecules in quantum superposition could help in the development of quantum computers.

'1.09.2020 07:22:12'

Managing data flow boosts cyber-physical system performance

Researchers have developed a suite of algorithms to improve the performance of cyber-physical systems - from autonomous vehicles to smart power grids - by balancing each component's need for data with how fast that data can be sent and received.

'31.08.2020 07:23:19'

New theory hints at more efficient way to develop quantum algorithms

A new theory could bring a way to make quantum algorithm development less of an accidental process, say scientists.

'31.08.2020 05:01:27'

Intelligent software tackles plant cell jigsaw puzzle

Scientists have developed a machine learning-based algorithm to study the morphogenesis of plants at a cellular level. So far it was impossible to solve this evolving and changing puzzle.

'27.08.2020 11:09:57'

Brain-inspired electronic system could vastly reduce AI's carbon footprint

Extremely energy-efficient artificial intelligence is now closer to reality after researchers found a way to improve the accuracy of a brain-inspired computing system.

'27.08.2020 06:59:37'

How to make AI trustworthy

One of the biggest impediments to adoption of new technologies is trust in artificial intelligence (AI). Now, a new tool generates automatic indicators if data and predictions generated by AI algorithms are trustworthy.

'27.08.2020 06:21:46'

Photonics researchers report breakthrough in miniaturizing light-based chips

Electrical engineers have created the smallest electro-optical modulator yet, using a thin film of lithium niobate bonded on a silicon dioxide layer. This key component of a photonics-based chip controls how light moves through its circuits and ha...