'30.06.2022 07:44:44'

Common gene used to profile microbial communities

Computer scientists develop Emu, an algorithm that uses long reads of genomes to identify the species of bacteria in a community. The program could simplify sorting harmful from helpful bacteria in microbiomes like those in the gut or in agricultu...

'28.06.2022 13:01:56'

Robot overcomes uncertainty to retrieve buried objects

FuseBot is a new robotic system that fuses visual information and radio-frequency signals to efficiently find hidden items buried under a pile of objects, whether or not the targeted item has an RFID tag.

'28.06.2022 07:33:36'

Is AI good or bad for the climate? It's complicated

Experts in AI, climate change, and public policy present a framework for understanding the complex and multifaceted relationship of AI with greenhouse gas emissions, and suggest ways to better align AI with climate change goals.

'27.06.2022 14:55:43'

Humans in the loop help robots find their way

Computer scientists develop a method that allows humans to help complex robots build efficient solutions to 'see' their environments and carry out tasks.

'22.06.2022 06:14:18'

Engineers devise a recipe for improving any autonomous robotic system

Engineers devised a recipe for improving any autonomous robotic system. Their optimization code can automatically identify how and where to tweak a system to improve a robot's performance.

'22.06.2022 06:14:15'

Optical microphone sees sound like never before

A camera system can see sound vibrations with such precision and detail that it can reconstruct the music of a single instrument in a band or orchestra. Even the most high-powered and directed microphones can't eliminate nearby sounds, ambient noi...

'22.06.2022 06:13:03'

Technology helps self-driving cars learn from own 'memories'

Researchers have developed a way to help autonomous vehicles create 'memories' of previous experiences and use them in future navigation, especially during adverse weather conditions when the car cannot safely rely on its sensors.

'21.06.2022 10:18:10'

Robotic lightning bugs take flight

Inspired by fireflies, researchers created soft actuators that can emit light in different colors or patterns. These artificial muscles, which control the wings of featherweight flying robots, light up while the robot is in flight, which provides ...

'21.06.2022 10:17:46'

SeqScreen can reveal 'concerning' DNA

Computer scientists have developed a program to screen short DNA sequences, whether synthetic or natural, to determine their toxicity.

'15.06.2022 10:22:17'

Ultra-fast photonic computing processor uses polarization

New research uses multiple polarization channels to carry out parallel processing -- enhancing computing density by several orders over conventional electronic chips.

'15.06.2022 07:32:23'

What quantum information and snowflakes have in common, and what we can do about it

Qubits, the basic building blocks of quantum computers, are as fragile as snowflakes. Now, researchers have come up with a new way of reading out the information from certain kinds of qubits without destroying them in the process, potentially pavi...

'14.06.2022 14:41:03'

Quantum computer programming basics

For would-be quantum programmers scratching their heads over how to jump into the game as quantum computers proliferate and become publicly accessible, a new beginner's guide provides a thorough introduction to quantum algorithms and their impleme...

'14.06.2022 05:56:34'

Calculating the 'fingerprints' of molecules with artificial intelligence

With conventional methods, it is extremely time-consuming to calculate the spectral fingerprint of larger molecules. But this is a prerequisite for correctly interpreting experimentally obtained data. Now, a team has achieved very good results in ...

'13.06.2022 15:34:53'

The potential of probabilistic computers

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has created a crisis in computing and a significant need for more hardware that is both energy-efficient and scalable. A key step in both AI and ML is making decisions based on inc...

'13.06.2022 07:20:49'

Engineers build artificial intelligence chip

Engineers built a new artificial intelligence chip, with a view toward sustainable, modular electronics. The chip can be reconfigured, with layers that can be swapped out or stacked on, such as to add new sensors or updated processors.

'9.06.2022 04:22:14'

Paving the way for faster computers, longer-lasting batteries

Scientists have finally cracked a problem that's frustrated chemists and physicists for years, potentially leading to a new age of powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly technologies.

'8.06.2022 12:14:29'

Radio waves for the detection of hardware tampering

Up to now, protecting hardware against manipulation has been a laborious business: expensive, and only possible on a small scale. And yet, two simple antennas might do the trick.

'8.06.2022 12:14:26'

Faster computing results without fear of errors

A new technique can dramatically accelerate programs known as shell scripts, through a process called parallelization, while ensuring the programs return accurate results.

'8.06.2022 12:14:07'

Bluetooth signals can be used to identify and track smartphones

A team of engineers has demonstrated for the first time that the Bluetooth signals emitted constantly by our mobile phones have a unique fingerprint that can be used to track individuals' movements.

'7.06.2022 08:09:57'

Breakthrough paves way for photonic sensing at the ultimate quantum limit

A team of physicists has found a way to operate mass manufacturable photonic sensors at the quantum limit. This breakthrough paves the way for practical applications such as monitoring greenhouse gases and cancer detection.

'7.06.2022 08:09:50'

A quantum drum that stores quantum states for record-long times

Researchers have improved the coherence time of a previously developed quantum membrane dramatically. The improvement will expand the usability of the membrane for a variety of different purposes. With a coherence time of one hundred milliseconds,...

'6.06.2022 10:54:31'

A novel all-optical switching method makes optical computing and communication systems more power-efficient

Photonics researchers have introduced a novel method to control a light beam with another beam through a unique plasmonic metasurface in a linear medium at ultra-low power. This simple linear switching method makes nanophotonic devices such as opt...

'3.06.2022 11:33:35'

Great timing, supercomputer upgrade lead to successful forecast of volcanic eruption

In the fall of 2017, a team of geologists had just set up a new volcanic forecasting modeling program on the Blue Waters and iForge supercomputers. Simultaneously, another team was monitoring activity at the Sierra Negra volcano in the Galapagos I...

'3.06.2022 06:01:49'

Creating artificial intelligence that acts more human by 'knowing that it knows'

Development of metamemory in AI system allows it to adjust its understanding based on what it already knows, learning and evolving based on its environment as humans do.

'2.06.2022 09:23:09'

6G component provides speed, efficiency needed for next-gen network

An international team led by researchers has developed 6G components that will allow future devices to achieve increased speeds necessary for such a technological jump.

'2.06.2022 05:51:15'

Time crystals 'impossible' but obey quantum physics

Scientists have created a 'time-crystal' a two-body system in an experiment that seems to bend the laws of physics. A 'two-level system' is a basic building block of a quantum computer. Time crystals could perhaps be used to build quantum devices ...

'1.06.2022 16:00:11'

Machine learning models: In bias we trust?

Researchers find the explanation methods designed to help users determine whether to trust a machine-learning model's predictions can perpetuate biases and lead to less accurate predictions for people from disadvantaged groups.

'1.06.2022 11:55:13'

VoxLens: Adding one line of code can make some interactive visualizations accessible to screen-reader users

Researchers worked with screen-reader users to design VoxLens, a plugin that allows people to interact with digital visualizations made with JavaScript.

'31.05.2022 06:27:02'

Researchers investigate the links between facial recognition and Alzheimer's disease

In recent years Alzheimer's disease has been on the rise throughout the world and is rarely diagnosed at an early stage when it can still be effectively controlled. Using artificial intelligence, researchers conducted a study to identify whether h...

'27.05.2022 06:12:49'

A quarter of the world's Internet users rely on infrastructure that is susceptible to attacks

About a quarter of the world's Internet users live in countries that are more susceptible than previously thought to targeted attacks on their Internet infrastructure. Many of the at-risk countries are located in the Global South. That's the concl...

'27.05.2022 04:52:30'

AI learns coral reef 'song'

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can track the health of coral reefs by learning the 'song of the reef', new research shows.

'25.05.2022 07:09:13'

Roboticists go off road to compile data that could train self-driving ATVs

Researchers took an all-terrain vehicle on wild rides through tall grass, loose gravel and mud to gather data about how the ATV interacted with a challenging, off-road environment. They drove the heavily instrumented ATV aggressively at speeds up ...

'25.05.2022 07:08:52'

Toward error-free quantum computing

For quantum computers to be useful in practice, errors must be detected and corrected. A team of experimental physicists has now implemented a universal set of computational operations on fault-tolerant quantum bits for the first time, demonstrati...

'24.05.2022 08:48:42'

Emulating impossible 'unipolar' laser pulses paves the way for processing quantum information

A laser pulse that sidesteps the inherent symmetry of light waves could manipulate quantum information, potentially bringing us closer to room temperature quantum computing.

'24.05.2022 08:46:33'

Scientists use quantum computers to simulate quantum materials

Researchers have used quantum computers to simulate spin defects, an important material property for the next generation of quantum computers.

'24.05.2022 06:06:12'

Significant energy savings using neuromorphic hardware

New research illustrates neuromorphic technology is up to sixteen times more energy-efficient for large deep learning networks than other AI systems.

'23.05.2022 11:07:03'

Designers find better solutions with computer assistance, but sacrifice creative touch

A computer-guided approach to design can propose more solutions and balance out human inexperience and design fixation.

'23.05.2022 11:06:56'

Charting a safe course through a highly uncertain environment

Researchers have developed a trajectory-planning system for autonomous vehicles that enables them to travel from a starting point to a target location safely, even when there are many different uncertainties in the environment, such as unknown var...

'23.05.2022 11:06:21'

Twisted soft robots navigate mazes without human or computer guidance

Researchers have developed soft robots that are capable of navigating complex environments, such as mazes, without input from humans or computer software.

'23.05.2022 07:55:27'

Novel AI algorithm for digital pathology analysis

Digital pathology is an emerging field which deals with mainly microscopy images that are derived from patient biopsies. Because of the high resolution, most of these whole slide images (WSI) have a large size, typically exceeding a gigabyte (Gb)....

'23.05.2022 07:55:12'

High school students measure Earth's magnetic field from ISS

A small computer aboard the International Space Station programmed by Portuguese students enables measurements as part of Raspberry Pi Foundation's Astro Pi Challenge.

'21.05.2022 05:33:32'

Haptics device creates realistic virtual textures

Tactile sensation is an incredibly important part of how humans perceive their reality. Haptics or devices that can produce extremely specific vibrations that can mimic the sensation of touch are a way to bring that third sense to life. However, a...

'20.05.2022 09:29:04'

Neuromorphic memory device simulates neurons and synapses

Researchers have reported a nano-sized neuromorphic memory device that emulates neurons and synapses simultaneously in a unit cell, another step toward completing the goal of neuromorphic computing designed to rigorously mimic the human brain with...

'19.05.2022 11:01:36'

Using everyday WiFi to help robots see and navigate better indoors

Engineers have developed a low cost, low power technology to help robots accurately map their way indoors, even in poor lighting and without recognizable landmarks or features. The technology uses WiFi signals, instead of light, to help the robot ...

'18.05.2022 09:07:21'

Component for brain-inspired computing

Researchers have developed a new material for an electronic component that can be used in a wider range of applications than its predecessors. Such components will help create electronic circuits that emulate the human brain and that are more effi...

'18.05.2022 07:38:45'

Teaching physics to AI makes the student a master

Researchers have demonstrated that incorporating known physics into machine learning algorithms can help the inscrutable black boxes attain new levels of transparency and insight into material properties.

'18.05.2022 07:38:27'

Researchers create photonic materials for powerful, efficient light-based computing

Researchers are developing new photonic materials that could one day help enable low power, ultra-fast, light-based computing. The unique materials, known as topological insulators, are like wires that have been turned inside out, where the curren...

'18.05.2022 06:17:59'

New model could improve matches between students and schools

Simultaneous and uncoordinated school admissions in situations where students have multiple options can lead to unfilled seats and a lot of stress for families and administrators. To create a fairer, more efficient system, market design researcher...

'17.05.2022 12:05:11'

Algorithms empower metalens design

Researchers have developed a new method for designing large-scale metasurfaces that uses techniques of machine intelligence to generate designs automatically. The method will enable new metasurface designs that can make an impact on virtual or aug...

'17.05.2022 07:22:13'

New silicon nanowires can really take the heat

A research team has demonstrated an ultrathin silicon nanowire that conducts heat 150% more efficiently than conventional materials used in advanced chip technologies. The device could enable smaller, faster, energy-efficient microelectronics.

'16.05.2022 17:31:58'

New method melds data to make a 3-D map of cells' activities

Engineers are using a cell's surroundings to help biologists make more sense of gene expression information. Their new system could open the door to identifying rare cell types and choosing cancer treatment options with new precision.

'16.05.2022 11:15:01'

Shaping the future of light through reconfigurable metasurfaces

Harnessing the power of 'phase-change' materials, researchers have demonstrated how reconfigurable metasurfaces -- artificial materials with extraordinary optical properties -- are crucial to the future of nanotechnology.

'16.05.2022 06:46:45'

New approach allows for faster ransomware detection

Engineering researchers have developed a new approach for implementing ransomware detection techniques, allowing them to detect a broad range of ransomware far more quickly than previous systems.

'16.05.2022 06:46:38'

Eavesdroppers can hack 6G frequency with DIY metasurface

Crafty hackers can make a tool to eavesdrop on some 6G wireless signals in as little as five minutes using office paper, an inkjet printer, a metallic foil transfer and a laminator.

'12.05.2022 05:21:35'

Algae-powered computing: Scientists create reliable and renewable biological photovoltaic cell

Researchers have used a widespread species of blue-green algae to power a microprocessor continuously for a year -- and counting -- using nothing but ambient light and water. Their system has potential as a reliable and renewable way to power smal...

'11.05.2022 06:28:10'

Scientists discovers new properties of magnetism that could change our computers

A fundamental property of magnetism has been disclosed through new research. The discovery may be key to development of a new generation of powerful computers.

'9.05.2022 11:07:59'

Ultrafast 'camera' captures hidden behavior of potential 'neuromorphic' material

Imagine a computer that can think as fast as the human brain while using very little energy. That's the goal of scientists seeking to discover or develop 'neuromorphic' materials that can send and process signals as easily as the brain's neurons a...

'6.05.2022 07:33:12'

In balance: Quantum computing needs the right combination of order and disorder

Researchers have analyzed cutting-edge device structures of quantum computers to demonstrate that some of them are indeed operating dangerously close to a threshold of chaotic meltdown. The challenge is to walk a thin line between too high, but al...

'6.05.2022 06:26:20'

'Digital twins,' an aid to give individual patients the right treatment at the right time

An international team of researchers have developed advanced computer models, or 'digital twins', of diseases, with the goal of improving diagnosis and treatment. They used one such model to identify the most important disease protein in hay fever...

'5.05.2022 11:03:40'

Scientists observe quantum speed-up in optimization problems

Scientists have demonstrated a breakthrough application of neutral-atom quantum processors to solve problems of practical use.